Astrology Hessonite

Wearing Hessonite Gemstone


  1. How to Wear Hessonite Stone – The main choice as the metal for Hessonite ought to be Silver or Platinum. Mysteriously, Gold and Panchdhatu ought to be avoided.
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  3. The weight of the Hessonite gemstone or Gomed should not be Between 2 to 5 Ratti.
  4. Hessonite stone or gomed Ratna should be studded in the silver ring.
  5. Wash it with water, not boiled milk and chanting Mantra
  6. “Om Raam Rahve Namaha”
  7. Mantra: “Om Raam Rahve Namaha“.
  8. Hessonite Gemstone must be worn on the little/middle finger of the right hand.
  9. The wearer must donate sesame seeds, mustard oil, blue cloth, blanket, and money as much as possible to a Brahmin or priest and horse must be fed with grass and milk offer to a snake.
  10. Day for wearing Hessonite: Saturday
  11. Time for wearing Hessonite: The best time to wear a hessonite stone ring is two hours after the sunset.

Benefits Hessonite Gemstone


  1. Gomed is known as one of the popular cold gemstones. Hessonite Gemstone is Cold Gemstone and its assists in curing illness caused by Saturn and Rahu.
  2. The combination of these gemstones also improves gastric issues, vitality, and appetite. It bestows wealth, happiness and good health. Hessonite Gemstone is popular in producing prosperity.
  3. The most important thing to concern is that the wearer should be kept in mind it must be wearing it by consulting with an astrologer.
  4. Because the thing is behind that if it does not suit you, it can cause restlessness and discomfort. The other benefits of Gomedh are it helps in gaining victory over the enemies and also help in curing mental issues.
  5. The Hessonite Garnet Stone is also called as “Gomed” stone in Hindi. As per regional differences, it is also called as Gomedh or “Gomedak” in Sanskrit. In certain parts of India, it is also referred to as “Gomedhikam”.
  6. A Jyotish Quality Gomed Gemstone is filled with the energies of the malefic and the strong planet-Rahu. The Gomed gemstone is especially powerful in Kaliyuga-The present time in which we are living.
  7. The planet Rahu rules over the gemstone Gomed/ Hessonite. Gomed is especially effective gemstone for those who have sarpa dosha such as Kalsarpa Dosha etc. (affliction or curse of the snakes). If suited to the individual it blesses with fast and miraculous relief from Sarpa Dosha and its symptoms.