Astrology Pearl

How To Wear Pearl Gemstone?


  1. A pearl which measures 5 to 10 carats is considered to be the most favorable one. The weight of the pearl stone should not be less than 2 Rattis.
  2. The best period to purchase a pearl stone is a Monday, which falls in the Shukla Paksha (ascending cycle of the Moon).
  3. The ideal configurations (Nakshatras) for this purpose are Rohini, Pushya, Shravana or Hasta.
  4. The most suitable metal for setting a pearl stone in a ring is silver.
  5. It should be made in such a way that the stone touches your skin and transmits the cosmic energies through direct contact with the physical body of the wearer.
  6. Pearl ring is to be worn on the little finger of the right hand.
  7. Before you wear the ring, you need to energize and purify the pearl stone by dipping it in raw cow milk and then washing it with the Gangajal.
  8. After doing so, the wearer should chant the following mantra of the Moon 108 times and then put on the pearl ring in the correct finger.

Benefits Of Wearing Pearl Gemstone


  1. It enhances the power of the moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, the steady mind, and many other good things.
  2. A person suffering from tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone.
  3. Pearlstone is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper.
  4. It removes the ill effects of the moon and strengthens the mind.
  5. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep.
  6. Problems such as throat trouble, eye trouble, dysentery are caused by the afflicted moon. These problems can be reduced by wearing pearl stone.
  7. It increases facial luster and beauty in ladies.
  8. Pearl can be worn in combination with other stones for many other health related diseases.
  9. It is believed that the person who wears pearl gets a lot of fame, respect, wealth and kingly comforts
  10. It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on the human being.
  11. It helps in increasing memory and brain power.
  12. It is also said that pearl brings good fortune
  13. It helps in developing harmony between husband and wife