Astrology Red Coral


Wearing coral Gemstone


  1. A person should buy red coral stone from a legit gem store. And the stone must be of high quality because wearing a synthetic or low-quality stone will not fetch you any advantages out of this stone.
  2. Moreover, before wearing this stone must consult an astrologer because he/she can only tell you whether red coral will suit you or not after analyzing the position of Mars in your birth chart.
  3. After receiving the stone, select the most optimum day to wear this stone. As per astrologers, Tuesday is the best day to adopt moonga stone.
  4. Sit on red asana or cloth facing the east direction. Keep in mind that ring should be immersed in Ganga Jal or sacred water before donning it. Because a red coral stone ring contains several toxic elements which may confine its functionality.
  5. Therefore, by putting the ring in the sacred water, it washes away all the impurities glued with the gemstone.
  6. Now put the ring on red cloth and before wearing it burn 5 incense sticks and round it 5 five times around the ring. Then recite the following mantra 108 times before donning this stone.
  7. “Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum” or
  8. “Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah”
  9. Now wear the red coral ring on the third finger of your hand. And clean it on a regular basis for securing best astrological benefits out of this magical ring.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone


  1. Red coral can help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. As Mars is the god of warfare, this gemstone provides the necessary courage and enthusiasm required by an individual to surmount all the obstacles. This gemstone ensures the victory of the individual.
  2. This gemstone helps in overcoming the lethargic attitude of an individual. It energizes the individual and offers him a logical conclusion. It also helps in overcoming the delay in your endeavors.
  3. Another benefit of Red Coral gemstone is its impact on the mental health of a person. A person who is suffering from mental depression can wear this gemstone.
  4. Red Coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual. This is the best gemstone, which can boost the self-esteem of the wearer.
  5. This gemstone has amazing healing effects. It helps in overcoming various skin related problems, like boils, acne and more. Other than this, red coral gemstone can be worn to purify blood and protects the individual against the cuts, wounds, and injuries.
  6. The malefic effects of Mars in one’s horoscope can be treated with the help of red coral gemstone.
  7. The person suffering from anger issues and lack of compassion can also wear this gemstone for suitable improvement in the condition.
  8. The red coral gemstone can help people suffering from Manglik Dosha. Also, couples whose marital life is in trouble can wear red corals.
  9. Individuals who are in a profession such as army, defense, police, doctors, weapon manufacturers, scientists, realty business can reap benefits by wearing this gemstone.
  10. This gemstone also offers effective results in overcoming debts and it increases the financial situation of the individual.
  11. Red Coral gemstone represents Mangalya Balam, the strength of Marriage and longevity of the spouse. This gemstone ensures the long life of the husbands.
  12. Wearing gemstone can bring effective positive results in the life of an individual. However, before wearing any gemstone, one should remember that if a right gemstone can bring positive results, a wrong gemstone could bring adverse effects. Therefore, before wearing a gemstone, get your horoscope analysed by some expert.